Our Story

Business Computer Systems d.o.o. (BCS), founded in 2007 has been developing and growing throughout the country ever since. Today, we stand as one of the leading IT companies for Cloud, Storage, and Backup in our region. Our leading position is ensured through strong and multi-year partnership with some of the world leaders in the IT sector.

Meet our Partners

We have more than 100 references in the area of consulting, establishing information, and communication systems across the Croatian and neighboring regions.


Our mission is to inspire and facilitate simplicity to our customers, through partnering with BCS and our innovative IT solutions platform thereby fostering successful implementation on their infrastructure/Cloud (Ours or Public) to ensure our customers’ long-term business prosperous development.


Over next couple years, BCS aspires to become the leading provider of Cloud solutions in the region by excelling through our knowledge, resources, innovative spirit, and our bright local talent, in order to improve the prosperity of our customers, employees, partners, and the community as a whole in the long run.

BCS Values

Openness to new knowledge, experiences, and influences.

Transparency and sincerity towards interest groups create a circle of trust.

We are not just members of the organization with the goal of making a profit. We are also team players, invested community members, parents, as well as people with vision who want to improve and contribute change for a better community and world.

Quality through Simplicity and Expertise is a standard that becomes an operating value on a daily basis for us.

Motto: “Technology for simplicity”

Our portfolio constantly aligns to meet our customers’ needs, while maintaining all activities focused on building quality relationships with our clients simultaneously.

With our customer’s satisfaction in mind, the quality and professionalism certificates have always been main priorities for BCS.

We refuse to take shortcuts or compromise on quality because Quality through Simplicity for our customers is a priority and one of the core values at BCS.

We are aware that if we move away from quality, the purpose of our company’s subsistence will cease to exist.

Technology for simplicity
Quality Standard

Quality Standard

With the ubiquitous customer presence on the Internet, comes the need for quality and reliability of the services provided, as well as the need for the safety and security of customer data. For these reasons, BCS passes through a rigorous audit process each year, as well as adjust business and operations to ISO, PMI standards. The ISO certification process includes each aspect of the business, including human resources, customer relationships, business processes, physical infrastructure, offline and online data security, and legal compliance.

BCS owns the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality certificates and is in the process of introducing ISO 27001 certification for the information security management system. BCS relies and exhibits high-quality world standards and methodologies abiding by the standards provided by the Project Management Institute (PMI).


We are proud and privileged to be able to have satisfied customers willing and excited to share their success stories by choosing to work with BCS.

These case studies are available upon request.