BCS Office Manager

BCS Office Manager

We are looking for an enthusiastic, team player, and inquisitive Office Manager to help build out, maintain, and smooth out day to day office operations in our rapidly expanding local IT company, BCS. You will be part of a friendly work environment of talented team of local engineers that demonstrate superb technical competency. Qualified Office Managers will have a background in IT, and office managerial skills. 

BCS is looking for an inquisitive, friendly, and proud of their work, organized, tasked with keeping track of appointments, deadlines, and dates. OM must own the ability to read and respond to social cues. Scheduling and rescheduling meetings without angering third parties requires a certain level of written professionalism, social maneuvering, and tact. We are looking for someone who needs simply to “Get Stuff Done.” While this final responsibility is the most ambiguous, it’s also one of the most important attributes which demonstrates that the best office managers are able to tackle projects logically by exhibiting expert multi-tasking skills and simultaneously prioritize requests appropriately.

Skills Needed: must have great communicationinterpersonal, and leadership and organizational skills. Must be able to coordinate and delegate with team members for several cross-functional projects, customer service, or help desk to solve problems and maintain a smooth daily office operation. Office managers will be tasked to keep the office running smoothly so that all teams can stay focused on driving the company forward by making sure the needs/concerns of the team members are addressed to guarantee continuity of productivity, whether at a dedicated workspace level, or as simple as free-flowing coffee, delicious snacks, or freedom from distractions of visitors/phone calls when team members require privacy.

BCS views this position (Office Manager) as the rock that keeps the workplace functional, efficient, and most of all organized. 

The office manager must be able to devise systems for mail organization, phone messaging, filing, and client/visitor tracking. The office manager is also responsible for making sure supplies are ordered on time as well as making sure food/coffee is always accessible. The OM must be able to also make sure the office is neat and free of clutter.

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